Friday, April 30, 2010

Lovely Ladies

Well, I have to kick this post off with a very heartfelt thank you to Sherri of Komoda. I met with her yesterday and now have cards and headbands for sale in her store downtown. It's an awesome feeling to be featured in a brick and mortar shop. (She's located on the corner of W. Chicago Avenue and Rockwell).

I also wanted to pay tribute to my awesome friends who sport my goods. I appreciate it ladies, and I couldn't have hand-picked better 'models' ;)

Caitlin of Saddle Stitch Studio - awesome modern stationery

Miss Whitney - actress extraordinaire

Laudina, she will kick your booty at design & in the gym

Amy of artschoolgirl - cuteness and craftsmanship at a whole 'nother level

Sam, adorable and good at math! (Sorry, fellas. She's taken).

These are just the lovelies I have pictures of. But again, thank you ladies. It means a lot to me that we are friends, and I am so happy to have you wearing my creations!

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