Thursday, May 27, 2010

Etsy Bordello Treasury

Hello. I don't have anything really clever to write about. I am in recovery mode from a looooong week/weekend. I just thought I would share this neat treasury that I was graciously made a part of:

(that is my journal/sketchbook on the bottom right)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Trail Mix Brownies

Ok, so this 'recipe' I made a few weeks back, and it got stellar reviews. I had a box of plain dark brownie mix. I always like to add in and make things my own as much as I can. After going through the pantry I saw that we had almost half a bag of trail mix left over. I figured I'd try it and see what happened.

GLORY! These brownies were incredibly rich and decadent and delicious. All I had to do was make the brownie mix according to the box. Then I floured the trail mix and folded it in. (Flouring it keeps all the wonderful chunks from sinking to the bottom of the batter). Then I just baked according to box instructions as well. I pulled them 2-3 minutes early to achieve a 'fudgier' texture. I let them sit for a good hour or so before cutting. *I cut all brownies with a plastic knife - sometimes run through a little water. I also grease all sides of my pan in addition to the bottom. It makes for perfect removal every time.

Each bite of these things were amazing. They were chock full of cashews, cranberries, chocolate chips, almonds and other little bits. I also felt like they were kind of healthy due to the nutrient-rich fillers. ;)

I actually made another batch of these today. I am hosting some lady friends tonight and figured these would be good to munch with our fruit, cheese and sangrias. If you make them I hope you enjoy them just as much!

Michael Jackson (R.I.P.)...

I know the title to this post is kind of weird, but it will make sense. Stephanie and I have been through 4 crochet classes now. We have learned so many new techniques and have definitely enjoyed it. My first project is this pair of fingerless gloves from a found pattern. I finally got one done. Now, I'm debating whether or not to make the other, or to just rock one Michael Jackson style - out of sheer laziness of course. I do think I will make the other...but the next project I do will be on a smaller scale for sure. Lol, this one got a little repetitive. I could never make one of those awesome throwback afghans. Kudos, Grandma!

Here is my *glove:

Hopefully it won't be too long before it has a mate! The bows also make great barrettes :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sew Many Projects To Do

This past Monday my sewing class started up again. I always get really excited for it. Even though I am still mediocre at best, it's a sort of therapy I get to indulge in. I get to leave everything and everyone behind for 2 hours every Monday night and make something for myself. I honestly can't remember what class # this is. It's up around 10 - needless to say approaching the nearly 3 year mark.

I have put my stretch corduroy jumper on hold for now. It's about half done, but it was getting stale. I wanted to have fun again with what I was making. This time I have opted to go for a cute handbag. It'll be nice to get some everyday use out of something I make - other than my shopping tote. Though it is a small project, it still presents its own challenges. There is pleating which I have not yet tackled before (different from a kick pleat in a skirt). I also have lined anything before or worked with satin. Hopefully it all goes smoothly.

So far I have done just a few steps. I am totally in love with my fabric though! I've had it for about a year and just needed to settle on a project for it. I give you my purse in its primary stages:

basic bag body and overall shape

close up shot of center pleat

the green shown here will be the band and strap color.

In addition to this handbag, I have many other projects in the works. I am still working on my fingerless mittens for crochet class. I think it is safe to say I have mastered the back loop only single crochet by now. ;) I also plan to make a few more summer skirts for myself. I rarely find a skirt that I love as is. I figured I would just source out some amazing fabric and create my own. Here is what I have found so far:

these two fabrics are recent purchases from Ikea. i fell in love with them immediately. even though they are canvas-based, i think they are thin enough to make cute, structured skirts with. fingers crossed ;)

Finally, I got this amazing Erin McMorris/Park Slope Birds fabric from an auction on ebay. I found it, adored it and had to have it. It is definitely next in line project-wise:

this could be the every day go-to for summer skirt

So I am very busy, but then again that is how I like to be. I'd also just like to ask everyone to cross your fingers if you would please. My friend Stephanie and I just sent our applications in this past Tuesday for Chicago's 2010 Renegade Craft Fair. We both specialize in felt and thought it would be a great opportunity to try and sell together at this year's big craft weekend. It will still be another month before we hear back, but we are still really excited that we got our stuff together and went for it. I'll definitely keep you posted as the time comes around. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hey there. It feels like it's been forever since my last post. Things have been pretty hectic as of late. There are many many things on the agenda for this month. The Renegade application just came out today for Chicago. My friend Stephanie and I have been prepping and are planning to submit ours along with the hefty payment this coming Tuesday! Kind of nervous, kind of excited. Regardless of the juror's outcome, we will be attending together in September.

assembly line for embroidered bird brooches

I have also been taking crochet classes for the last couple of weeks. Having never done it before, it seemed like a fun craft to learn. They first night I was kind of mystified but then caught on rather quickly. By week 2 we had learned 6 or 7 stitches. At this point, I have started on my project which are some 'back loop only' fingerless gloves.

still in their very elementary stages

Other than that, I have been applying to a mass of jobs that have opened up recently. It feels good to see more and more opportunities becoming available. Just a few more days until sewing starts...I can't wait! This will already be my 9th or 10th 6 week session. I am hoping to make a bag and maybe a couple more cute skirts for summer.