Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm In Go Mode

Well, today has been quite the whirlwind. I was happily pumping out more brooches and headbands. I know a lot of these posts may seem like deja vu, but I promise it is all going somewhere. I am actually meeting with Sherri tomorrow morning at Komoda:

Chicagoans, an assortment of my headbands and 
handmade cards will be available in store!

I also made some more eco friendly bird brooches. These little guys
make me happy and are quickly becoming a new favorite.

If anyone is interested I do make traditional style headbands. 
Not everyone likes the stretchy wrap around kind. I made the one
shown above for a good friend. Please contact me here or on etsy for more info.

Thanks so much to everyone! I am finding myself having to replenish stock and make more and more items on a faster basis - which is fine with me. I attribute all of the good things to the support of my friends, family and followers. :)

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