Friday, April 16, 2010

Going Digital

Today I decided to take a break from the handmade and get acquainted again with my lappy t. I have had ideas swimming around in my head for a while now for some digital illustrations and prints.

With Mother's and Father's Days coming up, I wanted to be sure to add some new items to my etsy shop. I have only listed a couple so far, but there will be more with the upcoming days and weeks. Here it what's there now:

it reads "you're the heart of this family."

I made the card into a larger poster print too (11 x 17):

I also found an old illustration I did on one of my portable hard drives. It has nothing to do with either holiday, but I thought it would make a mighty fine poster as well. Consider it healthy propaganda.

it reads "you take my breath away."

many color options available (20 others to be exact):
That's all to report for now. Like I said...lots more to come. If you have any ideas or suggestions of things you would like to see illustrated for holidays or otherwise just let me know :)

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