Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Long Weekend, A Brief Absence

Wow. I feel like I have really let myself down by not posting anything for a week. It was a busy weekend though. We had not one but two awesome birthday parties to attend.

First up, Mig turned 24 this past Monday, (but we celebrated Saturday night). In true tradition, he took over Five Star Bar. Though Phil and I aren't really drinkers anymore, it was amazing to get out and see old, dear friends and nice to chat up with some new ones too. This is just a fraction of the awesomeness that happened:

The birthday boy and me

my fave lil bro figure, Nick

Larissa and I meeting (for real)

There were so so so many other awesome moments that happened in this night. I got to see Joy for the first time in forever, Steph and I were rose twins and Denny even tried to pull off a little mom-grind (for shame)! All in all it was a fantastic night out for a good cause.

The very next day we celebrated Phil's dad's 59th birthday in Schiller Park with the family. As per usual, I totally gorged myself on snacks and then again on dinner. (There is never a shortage of sustenance in the Giordano household). I'm pretty sure his folks are trying to fatten me up! A few Tums later though, and I was able to somehow manage my way through dessert. 

Cyndi always takes care of the birthday cake. She made this awesome chocolate cherry cake (with a generous dose of alcohol). I tried something new and made Aida Mollenkamp's recipe for a chocolate malted tart. Both were a big hit. The tart was incredibly thick and dense and fudgy...almost too much so for me, but like I said, I managed.

St. Bald Rick, Cyndi, Dad and desserts (hers totally won on presentation factor)

We also got to give dad an awesome present we had up our sleeves. Many years ago I guess he tried to get a Giordano's apron from the restaurant - just as a cool keepsake. They refused to even let him purchase one. With a little help from Photoshop and a sweet friend we were able to get him one:

Finally, completely unrelated to the last posts I did get a chance to make a few things this week. It had been hard since Dexter has not been sleeping nights. He is fighting a bit of a cold and some new molars. I also haven't been feeling up to par, so I have been laying low. However, I did manage to make a new headband and a couple more brooches:

new green and black headband

2 more rosy brooches - experimenting with a two-tone one in dark chocolate & cocoa

Thanks for reading through this medley of posts. Next time I'll try not to be so schizophrenic with it all. Also, here is Aida's tart recipe. It is delicious, you should definitely try it!


  1. Thanks again for coming, you and Phil rocked my face off.

  2. Anything for you! (You know that) :D