Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happily Humbled

So this is the first time I clicked on my positive ratings list in my etsy shop...Wow, all I can say is thank you! Here is what one of my lovely customers wrote:

"Novel2010 says:
Dessertforbreakfast is an extraordinarily GREAT Etsy store. The seller is an excellent and highly responsive convo-writer. I ordered a Valentine's Day card in Braille and, at my request, she even added the name of the recipient in Braille to make it more personal, in Braille. This was beyond the call of duty and was a generous, kind, considerate and gracious act of human goodness. This seller is not only a superb artist and creator, but also a very kind human being, which makes it all the more wonderful to do business here. I will be a repeat, repeat, REPEAT customer and I recommend this extra special Etsy store with my highest recommendation. Beautiful selection, beautiful work, great Etsy experience. Highest praise for dessertforbreakfast and for the creative and lovely person who is at its heart."

My absolute favorite part about this posting is that it came from someone whom I did not previously know. I met this woman via our transaction, and it means so much to me that she had a positive and delightful experience. She went above and beyond the norm for buyer feedback, and I greatly appreciate it. :)

I cannot wait to start feeling better so I can add some more new items!


  1. Thanks, Mig. It truly made my entire week. Huge smiles :)