Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gifts For My Lovelies

These last few days have been filled with felt, friends and frenzied behavior. My friend Whitney just wrapped up her 5 month stint with a popular Chicago drinking play, Bye Bye Liver. She was a most fantastic hostess and 'waitress.' It was also my chance to give her the present I'd be holding onto for quite some time. She was stoked...

the oatmeal coloring was a perfect compliment for her fair skin and dark hair.

Sadly, I also had to say a goodbye of sorts to a friend, Amy. I only wish we could have gotten to know each other better. She is a lovely person with a truly genuine heart, also known as artschoolgirl - www.artschoolgirl.com. With her move around the corner she needed to purge most of her supplies and collections. She honestly filled my car yesterday with vintage books, covers, baking and cooking ads, fancy paper and medical journals. I was speechless and beyond grateful. The kicker is she wanted nothing for them - just a good home. I feel honored to be their new owner. Knowing that I couldn't accept her offer for nothing I gave her a little package containing a handmade and die-cut retro journal, a screen printed card and a headband made especially for her skin/hair combo. She was super excited and put the thing right on!

 ^ for Amy

It's hard to determine which is better - creating something special for a really dear friend or seeing the enjoyment that a little gesture can bring. (I of course shall have to go with the latter).

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