Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lemon Artichoke Chicken Dinner

Since I was laid up again today I didn't make anything new or crafty. I did, however, make dinner for us tonight. After watching Aida Mollenkamp's show on Food Network I wanted to try out one of her recipes. It is chicken with lemon and artichoke hearts. I make a similar dish typically with linguini or fettucine as the base. This dish is hearty enough without the pasta though. The chicken is the star. Here is her recipe:


This is the www.foodnetwork.com recipe photo.

It turned out really well even though I had a couple of failures with memory. I made it based off of her show and didn't recheck the recipe. I accidentally forgot the white wine and water mixture. The flavor was still great though. The chicken got nice and golden brown. The lemon, garlic and onion provided great aromatics, and the basil was really delicious mixed in with it. We'll definitely have it again.

Thanks, Aida!

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