Friday, February 12, 2010

I Blew Kisses, and I Merged.

Last night, two of my very good friends both hosted creative events in the city of Chicago. Despite the heavy traffic and bitter cold, lots of people came out to show their love, =ing fun and memorable times.

First up was Blowing Kisses hosted by the Rubbish crew ( at EP Theater. I had never been there before, but it was full of vintage city charm. There was this amazing wallpaper - all illustrations of early 20th century women's faces. It was definitely a gem of a place. The guys did a great job of displaying various artwork for sale and setting up love letter stations. They even gave me a nifty cart to display my paper goodies on too:

(This is one half of the displayed items. Photo courtesy of Kyle LaMere from

Towards the middle of the night, my friends and I switched gears to show our friend, Mig (, some love at Evil Olive. He hosted an awesome party for designers and creatives of all kinds.

(Photo courtesy of kisokiso on and illy by Jana Kinsman)

All in all it was a wonderful night with good friends and a lot of new faces. Even my car getting stuck in a giant snowdrift couldn't put a damper on all of the evening's fun!

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