Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pizza Time

Wow. I have done a pretty good job of neglecting posts this week. At least that means I have been productive...I think. Anyhow, we had Phil's parents over yesterday for a dinner and game night. We decided to make homemade pizzas. This is something Phil takes very seriously, and he makes all of his dough from scratch. He of course made his signature taco pizza with seasoned ground beef, taco sauce and Mexican cheese blend:

I decided that I wanted to make one too. Sadly and ashamedly, we used to be really bad at letting food go. A ton was being thrown out every couple weeks. Lately, I have been making brand new dishes out of leftovers, and we have been more successful with using up ALL of our food in the fridge. But getting back to the pizza...We had some fresh basil that was about to turn, week old spinach and marinara sauce (that I doctored up) from a few nights earlier. So that is what went on to the dough:

It was even more delicious than we anticipated. The marinara had a ton of flavor in itself, and then I just mixed it with a little bit of pizza sauce to ensure full coverage. I did a chiffonade (rolled the leaves up and then cut them into little ribbons) with the basil so as to not overpower any other flavors. FInally, I did a sprinkling of minced garlic over the whole thing and topped with mozzarella cheese. 

Molto Bene!


  1. Great! With a name like Giordano's... how can you go wrong???? Our favorite :-)

    TerryAnd Mark

  2. That pizza looks amazing. Share please.