Thursday, January 28, 2010

At a Loss For Words

Today has been one heck of a day. I received a tweet from a friend saying that she had seen my Braille Valentines in etsy's 'Handpicked Items' section of their page. If that wasn't cool enough, I hopped back on my computer to find that 3 sales had been made in the short while when they were featured.

I emailed both customers - just a note of thanks and appreciation for checking out my listings. What I got back was so amazing. The first woman, Anne, emailed me back to thank ME. She said she had never been able to find a card to give to her friend before, because he is blind. She was so excited that I had made something to speak to a different, untapped audience. She even shared his story with me, a complete stranger. Anne also asked if she could pay me a little more to include a personal message. Honestly, I couldn't do that. I was just so touched by the whole thing that I included her message at no extra charge. It just made me feel so happy that she can give her friend a card that he can read.

My second customer, Bek, was wonderful as well. She actually entered my etsy shop based on the Braille Valentines and then continued to shop around a little more. Bek shared with me that her son has Asperger's and that he has taken a particular interest in Braille. She said that one of my valentines was perfect for him right now, and she can't wait to give it to him.

I am beyond humbled right now. A lot of people are successful on etsy everyday. I like making things and posting them just to get out there. If people like or appreciate what I make, then that is a bonus for me. It just makes me feel really honored that I was able to give them something they couldn't find before.

Thank you, Bek and Anne. :)

One thing I do with every order I fulfill is include and handwritten thank you. I package it right along with the item. It may not always be a fold over card...but with every order that ships the recipient receives a personal thank you from me. They get the email immediately, but I think it is just a nice little extra to take the time and give really excellent customer service.

I have a lot on the agenda that I would like to accomplish this weekend. Be on look-out for more various Braille greetings and new handmade cards.

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