Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cake - Out of the Box

Hello again. This morning I woke up and had the urge to, bake. I knew that I had a boxed carrot cake mix and some frosting. Knowing that it would be rather bland as is, I added some leftover ingredients we had around the kitchen:

extras: golden raisins, some chopped walnuts, shredded carrots
(and the frosting - coconut pecan)

TIP! I want to add the extras to beef up the mixture and make it really hearty. Before just throwing them in the cake mix, I had a small bowl set aside with a couple tablespoons of flour. By lighting dusting the nuts, carrots and raisins, it insured that they would not sink to the bottom of the batter. (This works with chocolate chips too). This technique allows them to be evenly dispersed throughout your product.

To make matters a little easier, I had some company to talk to me while I was baking and cleaning up:

The hardest part...waiting for it to cool...

Luckily, I have Henrietta to help with the time management.

And finally, after cooling for an hour I got to frost it. This is what it looked like before I inhaled a
big, fat slice:

It was absolutely delicious. I also didn't feel awful for eating it, because it had carrots and nuts and such. To me, that means it is supremely healthy, and it can be eaten multiple slices at a I right!?

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