Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally, I've Been Bitten Again...

...by the creative bug! It feels good to have some kind of motivation back. I have spent months of unemployment wanting to do things but just feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities and other lame excuses. I normally cannot concentrate at a cluttered desk, but I suppose this is image is a positive one:

There's lots of crap everywhere, I know. But this morning this desk was absolutely clean and clear. As much as it sort of pains me to leave this mess, it also inspires me to keep making more things.

While I was I was upstairs right now sleeping with my husband, I had to make just one more book. I experienced slight withdrawal when I stopped earlier this evening to break for dinner. I was actually going to bed for the night...but then I passed my desk and decided to make just one more for tonight.

I wish I could take credit for this awesome birdcage lady illustration, but I cannot. It is a stamp that I embellished with some hand-coloring and metallics. The cover stock is recycled Neenah environmental paper (my favorite hands down). The first liner page is hot pink Indian script. High quality Mohawk recycled paper fills in the middle along with a text weight piece of the same Neenah paper as the cover. I also included a little envelope in the center for more tiny storage in addition to the inside cover pocket. Finally, the binding technique is the same as the previous books listed in the post below.

Thanks again so much for taking the time to gander at this. As promised, more items similar to these will be in my etsy shop later this week.

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