Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Animal Attraction

Most often when I go to get a card for someone at the store two thoughts cross my mind - a). I shouldn't be buying a card when I can just make one. b). None of these are really good, so I'll go with the best of the worst. I rarely have that 'Hallmark' moment where I find a card that says just what I want it to, or rarely have it come close to saying something I would naturally say. I feel I've always had a quirkier way of communicating things anyway. 

I decided that for Valentine's Day I wasn't going to do something typical. My sentiments still come across but in a much different way. Hopefully the humor is seen there. I always like to find things that make me laugh or smile and share them with others. Thus, I give to you these two animal inspired and funny valentines:

This first one is my Cowboy Valentine. I used a nice metallic gold ink on high quality red paper. The brown card is textured and made from recycled materials. The phrase "I bucking love you" just seemed fitting for this one. :)

This second card features an angry grizzly bear. Let's face it, bears are pretty hot right now, and the angrier the better. One of my friends is bear-obsessed, and he was kind of the inspiration behind this card. It was a lot of fun to make and is more of a collage than anything else. The screen-printed bear silhouette was done on my Gocco and then illustrated by hand. The trees are decorative pieces of scrap paper, and the felted heart was found. Though the outside may appear sort of intimidating, the inside opens up to read 'Please don't get mauled by bears. I love you too much.' So you see, it really is quite sweet after all.

As always, thanks so much for looking and reading. I apologize for the change of layout, but I am just experimenting to see what works best. These cards and other products are available online in my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/dessertforbreakfast?view_type=gallery

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