Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Branson Bound

So tomorrow is the big day, our first ever family road trip! We are dropping Paisley off by Phil's parents tonight, and they are going to watch her for the week. She just would have been too much right now. Maybe by the time we get home she and Bailey will be friends.

We are taking anew route this year. My grandpa found an expressway that cuts out a ton of traffic. Woohoo! I have made that drive many a time, solo and with others. Shaving off an extra hour or so will be nice! For the most part we should really only have to stop a couple of times. Dex usually sleeps in the car. 

It'll be nice to kind of escape for a little while. The weather is supposed to be in the 70's there. I get so tired from being here all day. I try to find things to do with Dex, but it feels so monotonous sometimes. I know Phil can use the break from work too. I'm actually just looking forward to the car ride and switching our iPods back and forth.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter holiday, and we'll be back soon!

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