Saturday, March 28, 2009

Man, where have I been?

I guess I have been pretty busy lately. So many things have been going on. 

Most exciting - last weekend brought a surprise Whitney visit. It was awesome! Mig, Sam, Whitney, Dexter and I just bummed around downtown. The weather was beautiful, and it was just nice to reconnect with everyone.  

I also had many a visit from Sarah which was equally cool. She actually did a series of photographs here, and it's always fun to see her go in to photographer mode and use all of the gigantic equipment. She even crashed one night, and we pretty much fell asleep watching Wonder Showzen. Good times.

In other news I attended yet another portfolio show with Phil and Dex. Amanda, Joe and Jacob were among graduating friends. The displays were great, and I know how relieved they must feel to finally be done. Good job, guys! :)

Tonight I am attending a reception with Angie for our friends Marc and Erika. We both have a sort of Hepburnesque look going on. It'll be nice to just catch up and relax. 

Next week I'll be going to see Jay Ryan and a plethora of his awesomely hand-illustrated posters. Let me know if you want to go!

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  1. Yay, always awesome seeing you! I still want to go to see Jay Ryan, too. See you Th'th'thursssday.