Thursday, April 16, 2009

Home Again

Well, we are back home after a very enjoyable week in Branson. Unfortunately, the rest of my leftover vacation money is going to be put towards a speeding ticket. At least it's from IL and not MO though. We still made really good time in the end. Dex was amazing in the car. He mostly slept, but even when he was awake he contented himself.

The week itself flew by. Phil and I were extraordinarily lazy, but it felt really good to not have a schedule to stick to. We played a lot of card games and watched a few movies. We hit one of my favorite diners, a Bob Evans, Famous Dave's Barbeque, a Chinese buffet and of course a Sonic. Gran made killer rocky road brownies, Heath Bar Ice Cream Cake, beef stew and mac and cheese casserole. Aunt Debbi made my favorite Texas potatoes. Basically, we ate pretty well and most likely gained a couple pounds each.

I got to introduce Phil and Dex to my aunt and uncle that live down there - as well as their son and daughter-in-law. Easter day we visited, feasted and played a competitive game of guys versus girls Catch Phrase. Good times. I was back in my pajamas by 4 for the night. 

Leaving was bittersweet. but it feels good to be back in our home again. We went and picked up Paisley last night. Honestly, I thought she'd be more excited to see us, but Grandma Pat and Grandpa Bill took great care of her. She's practically potty trained! 

Phil's already back to work, and I've got a lot to do today as well. Luckily, there's also quite a few jobs lined up for dessertforbreakfast. Other than that we just plan on making a lot of little renovations to the place.

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